At Vitamaze we wish to make our positive experiences with food supplements accessible to a large number of people. We therefore offer useful, high-quality supplements at reasonable prices.

We see dialogue with our customers as a key factor for success.

Our products

We naturally test every one of our products ourselves and are convinced that they provide a benefit. We do not use any colouring agents or preservatives, and operate in accordance with the HACCP concept. Our active ingredients are therefore ideal for your body.

For modern everyday life

Our products have been developed for the modern everyday lives of people who want to have a simple and practical way of supplementing their balanced and healthy diet as and when needed. The products contain ingredients in the perfect combination for their particular purpose. They are processed and tested in Germany, and satisfy highest pharmaceutical standards.

Our responsibility

All the ingredients used in our products are listed on the packaging. We respect the environment and avoid additional packaging and instruction leaflets.

The ingredients are not genetically modified and do not contain any residues of pesticides, fungicides, artificial fertilisers or other harmful substances.

As Vitamaze products do not contain gluten, lactose or other allergens, they can be taken by allergy sufferers.

Our commitment

Vitamaze takes action! We promote and support projects that are close to our hearts.

For example, in 2016 we made a conscious decision to help three aid organisations supporting projects in Peru – the super-root maca, which we use for our Vitamaze Maca + L-Arginine, comes from the Peruvian Andes. A considerable proportion of Peru’s population, especially the indigenous population, lives on or below the poverty line. In absolute figures most of the poor live on the periphery of Lima, while the majority of the extremely poor are located in the rural areas of the Sierra and the Selva. Since the majority of the rural population is indigenous, in this Andean state extreme poverty correlates very strongly with ethnic origin.

Good-bye to hunger, thanks to Andean quinoa

The Spanish conquistadors in Peru, in western South America, associated quinoa with the Devil. Yet this native Andean grain is rich in protein and minerals. Today it is again helping smallholders’ families to have a healthy diet – and to improve their incomes.

In Peru Vitamaze has enabled 50 people to take part in a workshop on cultivating traditional crops. We have provided the funding for 32 kg of quinoa seeds (for 8 hectares of land) and a rainwater cistern (10 cubic metres).

You are welcome to find out more about the project here (german)

→ Project information (PDF) (german)

Supporting Lima

We support a school that reaches out to children growing up in the poor districts of Lima – children who experience hopelessness, uncertainty and frequent violence in their everyday lives.

Xandra Pantoja wants to reach out to these children through her school in the poor Pamplona Alta district, because she herself understands the importance of a good education in a society that is characterised by a mostly white, educated upper class and a neglected, indigenous lower class. In Peru people’s income correlates with their education.

You are welcome to find out more about the project here (german)


Cocoa for happiness

Little of Peru’s new wealth reaches the poor families in rural areas. They suffer from chronic malnutrition, and lack secure access to water, electricity and basic sanitary facilities. Many people cut and sell wood in order to survive.

Long-term help in Peru: deforestation has severely damaged the Peruvian rainforest. Now the farmers are replanting it.

Vitamaze has financed training courses in cocoa cultivation for nine groups of Peruvian smallholders, which has improved their living conditions and simultaneously protected the environment.

You are welcome to find out more about the project here (german)


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